Exhibitor Showcases from WaterPro Conference 2016

Mueller Water Products

Bob Keefe provides insight into IoT, the Internet of Things, which is poised to make big waves in the water industry.

Mueller Company

Ronnie Steadham of Mueller Company discusses pressure monitoring and why having real-time readings of the pressure in your pipe system is important.

Badger Meter

Sheila Nally highlights Badger’s new E-Series Ultrasonic Plus meter with integrated shutoff valve, featuring a modular design that allows utilities to install the meter now and install the valve in the field later.


Ryan Harvey talks about Preload’s wire-wound prestressed concrete tanks, which offer reduced maintenance costs for utilities because they are not coated on the inside of the tanks.


Brad Horton talks about asset management and condition assessment, particularly as it relates to pipes. Also discussed: Permanent monitoring, which enables utilities to be more proactive with regard to leak detection.