Below, you’ll find a “justification letter” template — a letter to your supervisor or board explaining all of the benefits you’ll get from attending the WaterPro Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. You will have access to 30 hours of educational training and networking opportunities with other experts across the field.

This general template will get you started while allowing you to customize it to you and your organization’s particular needs.

[Your Name][Date][Recipient Name][Title][Company Name]

Dear Mr./ Mrs./ Ms. [Recipient Name]:

I would like to attend the National Rural Water Association’s 2020 WaterPro Conference, September 14-16, in Phoenix, Arizona. The annual WaterPro Conference provides essential training sessions, invaluable networking opportunities and access to current technology to hundreds of water and wastewater systems from across the country.

Attending the 2020 WaterPro Conference will be beneficial to my role at the utility because it offers:

  • Access to 30 hours of continued education focused on water and wastewater systems
  • More than 110 industry vendors that provide technological advancements and system support
  • Valuable information about potential funding and programming opportunities
  • Personal connections with federal officials, funding agencies and other system staff
  • Networking opportunities with system experts in a variety of fields
  • Round table discussion about current challenges and possible opportunities for systems

NRWA is known across the rural water industry for its valuable, high-level training. This year’s conference will offer courses in the following areas:

  • Workforce Development
  • Technological Innovations
  • Sustainability and Partnerships
  • Board Management and Leadership
  • Disaster Response and Recovery

I believe attending the 2020 WaterPro Conference will enable me to gain insider knowledge of current events and issues in the water and wastewater industry, unique networking opportunities and beneficial training to continue the best in management and long-term sustainability for our utility.

The costs related to attendance:
Transportation              $xxx
Hotel                            $189.00/night with taxes of:  $12.57% per room night occupied.                     
Meals                           $xxx
Full Registration           $525

Total                            $xxx

More information is available at www.WaterProConference.org. I greatly appreciate your consideration for this request and hope you will support my attendance.



[Your Name][Title]

ROI/Justification Letter Template